• Kaipara Oyster Farm
  • Kaipara Oyster Farm
  • Kaipara Oyster Farm


With an abundance of marine life, the untouched, nutrient-rich waters of the Kaipara Harbour, located in the sparsely populated northwest region of New Zealand’s North Island, offered the ideal location to fulfil our family’s ambition of creating the world’s most sustainable oyster farm.

Kaipara Oysters™ have combined unprecedented aquaculture techniques and exemplary farm and water management principals to establish what we believe will become the new benchmark for sustainable aquaculture production.

In following our philosophy to minimise the human footprint in the pristine Kaipara waters we elected to build our 76-hectare farm, the largest oyster farm in the country, only from eco-friendly materials.

This departure broke the mould, and remains truly a world first for the global aquaculture industry.

To produce Kaipara Oysters™, our farming is based on collecting naturally occurring spat (oyster seed). With careful husbandry the oysters are then left to grow for approximately 18 months using the intertidal technique, which is exactly how nature intended for them to be grown.

The resulting fruits of our labour are here for you to enjoy: delicious, deep-cupped Kaipara Oysters™, that offer a maximum meat to shell ratio and a phenomenal eating experience.