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Quality Assurance

Kaipara Oyster Farm

Everything starts in the water and Kaipara Harbour offers some of the safest growing waters in the world because of their remoteness from human interference. Oysters are filter feeders, they reflect their environment in taste and cleanliness, and so it follows only a clean, isolated environment can naturally produce a truly clean oyster.

To ensure it grows the safest possible oysters, Kaipara constantly performs water quality testing on its farm area and conducts full microbiological tests on every production batch.

Experts say the secret to a perfect oyster is to present it in its peak condition. But in most cases, oysters are farmed a considerable distance from their end-consumer. To overcome this considerable hurdle, Kaipara Oysters are ‘snap-frozen’ at their neighbouring state-of-the-art processing facility the moment they reach their peak condition. This locks in all the natural taste and healthy nutrients.

The farm and factory are fully approved by the world’s most exacting food safety and public health agencies, including the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union (EU).